Get the Word Out About Naloxone

Opioid overdoses are prevalent. Naloxone can saves lives. Let us help you get the word out to your community.

This video can air in your facility’s waiting room or commons area on GoodHealthTV.

And this graphic can also air:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t programming on naloxone already airing in my facility?

We do air some baseline programming on the topic of opioids, which includes the topic of the drug naloxone. This is included in the GoodHealthTV® education subscription.

However, each month we strive to cover a spectrum of more than 100 health topics to support increases in consumer health literacy. So currently, we’re only running a baseline quantity of naloxone programming (e.g., 2–3 times a day). Given the epidemic, more airtime is needed to address this important public health issue.

If your facility has funding to support added opioid outreach, please consider GoodHealthTV® airtime as a smart outreach strategy.  If it doesn’t, be assured we will continue to air information about naloxone and other relevant health topics.

Why do you request paid airtime when you’re already a subscriber?

Because our annual subscription rates are so low, they only cover 20% of the operational costs to produce and air culturally reflective new programming monthly for your facility. If we assessed the annual education subscription fee to cover all our operational costs, it would be closer to 4x your annual discounted rate.

Additionally, we don’t behave like other broadcasters, who receive generous ad dollars from private advertisers such as pharmaceutical or car companies. To fill the gap in our operational costs, we work to secure operational funding from other sources (e.g., federal, regional and state agencies, grant programs, nonprofits.)

Please consider supporting this ad campaign. It is important. And the more your residents have knowledge and most importantly naloxone on hand, the more lives are saved with the hope for addiction recovery.