If you have additional questions we have not covered, please contact us and we will be happy to respond.

What do I receive for the annual subscription?

First time subscribers receive one 50-inch monitor, the use of a GoodHealthTV®* player, a wall mount and six-foot HDMI cable. All subscribers receive 30 minutes of new programming updated automatically each month, and the ability to submit local announcements for air on their GoodHealthTV® monitor. Existing internet connection required. *Player remains property of GoodHealthTV®.

How much does GoodHealthTV® cost?

The annual cost of GoodHealthTV® is similar to the annual cost of a business cable TV plan. Contact us for a quote.

Are discounts available?

Renewals are discounted if a two-year or five-year contract is signed. Other discounts may be available, please contact us to see if you might qualify.

Are there other costs besides the subscription fee?

The cost for your subscription is all-inclusive, however, there are other options that will add cost, such as feeding multiple monitors or having custom programming created for your facility.

Why is an internet connection needed and how will this affect the facility network?

An internet connection is needed so your system will receive updates. If it’s not connected, local announcements, local weather and the news feed will not be updated, nor will you receive programming updates and new shows that are added. Our service is non-streaming, so it will not affect facility bandwidth.