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“When I walk through the hospital, I notice patients are now ENGAGED watching GoodHealthTV®.
They have their eyes glued to the programming and it seems to be keeping their ATTENTION and making their time in the hospital more ENJOYABLE.”
-Dr.Greg Ketcher, CEO Lawton Hospital


Man Stuff: Men’s Health Screenings

I Love Chew

Acronyms: Understand the Language

Just One More

Breast Cancer: Self-Exam Steps

Caring for Stitches

Drink Less Soda

Just Be a Dad – The Birds, The Bees

What is GoodHealthTV®


Reach your visitors when they are most receptive.

GoodHealthTV® is an excellent tool to promote your facility and services while delivering meaningful health information appropriate for clients served.

Visitors view health and wellness programming that is entertaining, engaging and easy-to-understand. Health literacy is increased without the need for reading literacy.



GoodHealthTV® Addresses Many Health and Wellness Topics

Our programming targets all aspects of wellness—physical, mental, and emotional. Topics including:

  • Abuse
  • Anti-bullying
  • Cancer screenings
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Health and wellness
  • Immunizations
  • Injury prevention
  • Mental health
  • Nutrition
  • Sexual health
  • Smoking cessation
  • Substance abuse

GoodHealthTV® Empowers Self-Management

Studies show health-smart people are more likely to:

  • Follow treatment and self-care plans
  • Seek preventive care
  • Go home more quickly after being hospitalized

Those who are health-smart also:

  • Visit the hospital less
  • Cost the health care system less
  • Ask their doctors more questions
  • Have a lower risk for hospitalization

Sample Screen


GoodHealthTV® Brings Community Connection to Your Facility

GoodHealthTV® provides programming that is designed to entertain, engage, educated, and empower the viewer to take charge of their own health.

Over 25 years of experience has gone into creation of the GoodHealthTV® network.

Here’s how it works:

  • GoodHealthTV® is a subscription-based health education network that receives daily programming through a private, secure, Internet-based network.
  • GoodHealthTV®‘s large-screen, digital televisions can be placed anywhere from high-traffic area to hospital rooms.
  • GoodHealthTV® screens feature a large window for health programs; a small window for local announcements and weather alerts; and a news ticker across the bottom.

Do you like what you see so far?

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What Do You Get With GoodHealthTV®

When you subscribe to GoodHealthTV®, you get:

  • Hours of health and wellness programming that is entertaining, engaging and most of all educational
  • A happier staff—because our programming reinforces health and wellness information your staff shares with clients
  • A simple way to link clients to vital local services your community members’ desire

Survey results from an independent assessment conducted by the Center for Rural Health, University of North Dakota School of Medicine and the Great Plains Indian Health Service indicate:

  • 79% of patients watched GoodHealthTV® while they waited for services
  • 71% of patients learned something new
  • 61% of patients wanted to seek more information

Package Options


Included in Choice & Premium

  • Health education programs


Included in Choice & Premium

  • 42-inch television
  • GoodHealthTV® player
  • GoodHealthTV® software
  • Installation instructions
  • Tech support

Brand Messaging

Included in Choice & Premium

  • Clinical announcements
  • Community announcements
  • Local weather
  • Emergency alerts


Included in Premium

  • Ten 30-second health education programs created just for your facility (first year only)



Secure airtime on
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and wellness network

If you’re part of a government agency, business, or nonprofit that’d like to reach visitors through public service announcements, sponsorships, or paid advertisements, we have programming space available for your important message.

I’ve been a “boots on the ground” HEALTH EDUCATOR in the past and I have always found it difficult to educate as many people as I would like. But through media and GoodHealthTV® we have been able to REACH many more people in an EFFECTIVE, yet EFFICIENT manner.
-Sheridan McNeil, Health Educator


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